Our Approach

Through the leadership and industry experience of the Managers, and the guidance and services provided to the Fund by the Sponsor, the Fund takes a design-centric, holistic approach to retrofitting triple-deckers for energy efficiency and economical operation. We deliver energy-resilient buildings that benefit the investor, manager, and occupant.
Energy Efficiency

Deep Energy Retrofit

The Deep Energy Retrofit methodology is a systematic approach to the renovation process that enables the Fund to achieve significantly higher levels of energy savings and cost efficiencies when compared to traditional retrofit methodologies.

Reduced Operating Costs

Lower operating costs for Fund properties reduces overhead expenses with respect to its asset pool, thus retaining equity capital that can be strategically leveraged or deployed.

Energy Cost Resilience

Energy efficient dwelling units designed to reduce operating costs mitigate future price risk due to volatility in the energy market.

Market Differentiation

Employ an innovative market differentiation strategy to attract and retain residents by delivering an appealing and progressive product that matches the target resident’s environmental conscientiousness.